.NET dashboards offer data drivers for web services, complete connectivity to data, OLAP data sources, and database drivers for DB2, Oracle, and IBM. The data summarization on .NET platform has several integral aspects for clear visualization of data with intuitive selection capabilities. As the data clusters are tough to comprehend, these features add ease and flexibility of choice. Developers can derive optimum derivatives and deliver them to the user with specific reference to the user permissions. The platform of .NET offers scalability to dashboard BI with insertion of a few lines of codes. Thus, developers can amend, rectify, and add data elements for KPI monitoring as and when needed by users.


Dashboards offer premium focus on important key performance indicators with acute penetration. The capabilities of real time monitoring become an ideal source to make right enterprise decisions on time. The flexibility offered by dashboard BI simplify Herculean task of data assortment, compilation, and analysis. Depending on user requirements, developers can define data sets from data marts or data warehouses. The otherwise complicated system becomes even intuitive if used along with reporting software of document generation tool. The modern world of business intelligence has many answers to criticalities with the exploration of toolkits and SDKs in .NET.