SRK is a software development and IT consulting firm. We have displayed a strong global delivery capability through an offer of consistent and value-driven IT services. We aim to establish a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship with our clients by offering high quality services, and products at reasonable prices.

Collaboration: Teams win, and to this effect we collaborate with our client's personnel to achieve the project' goals and objectives.

Innovation: To change with the change assures excellence and sustains success. We adapt and innovate to meet the challenges of the changing technological scenario that has influenced each business.

Customer Focus: We understand that, business projects with no customer focus can never be successful. By strong customer focus we aim to impart high success rate to our services portfolio.

Team work: Team work is the key to success. May it be a small IT project or a large enterprise application development, team work and coordination among teams is primary. Our collaborative innovation approach assures good team work among all experts working on each project.

Commitment: Commitment to project objectives and goals on the part of each member of the team ensures the success of each work. We are committed to achieve success for our customers by excellence in project coordination, development and delivery.

Integrity: It may be at individual level or at team level, integrity matters a lot for us. We consider trust, transparency and competency as pre-requisite to ensure integrity in development and delivery.