IT Co-Sourcing is one of an innovative approach which companies can use in order to succeed.

Built on the fundamental tenets of Transparency, Flexibility & value add, the Co-Sourcing model is a marked departure from the Traditional "All or Nothing" model. It is becoming a significant element in the business strategy of most enterprises. Implementing an IT Co-sourcing strategy can deliver many benefits, enabling IT to position itself as a leader of business change by providing access to new technologies, resources and thinking.

SRK's Approach

SRK, Inc is a customer-centric, technology-driven, global company that delivers effective solutions for our customers across multiple industries.

We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver innovative and flexible marketing, technology, customer service and fulfillment solutions to meet our client needs and help drive client’s business forward.

Our Co-Sourcing Approach is built on our fundamental principal of "WE DO IT (IT meaning Information Technology) @ RIGHT SHORE " . What that means is that we take a strategic, consultative partner approach through which we try to understand our client needs and are able to bring in the solutions that will help our client succeed.