Every organization today deals with some form of document, and in most cases, these documents are still in paper form. However, the electronic form of correspondence is becoming more popular in the workforce.

At the same time, many companies are struggling with labor-intensive processes for managing and publishing content that is growing exponentially and stored in disparate repositories throughout the organization.

Managing and maintaining documents has become cumbersome for many companies. In addition to storing the content, new federal regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley act ISO, rules for the disposition and maintenance of the types content with in an organization.

Goldstone designs, deploys, and manages enterprise web portals that provide continuous availability of services to users or stakeholders.

We provide portal integration services that include new, legacy, cross-platform applications, data, and metadata. We have developed a systematic process for designing and implementing portals that integrates existing systems. Our implementation meets current/future organization requirements; provides an effective implementation of the portal, and maintains functionality testing/delivery. Goldstone maintains your portal to update information and connects it to your business goals.

The following list of portal services:

Portal Development from Scratch Level Content Management Search, Security, and System Management Transaction Management Migration from any Portal to other Portals along with workflow , content etc Portal Consolidation Web Services Collaboration – Apache SharePoint - Web logic Web sphere – Open & Closed Source Technologies

Today, correspondence and other content received by organizations has the ability to move around electronically from workstation-to workstation with the help of the Content Management Process.

The main purpose of implementing Content and Portal Management system is to manage the flow of information within an organization. SRK can help organizations develop a content and personalization strategy, and deliver on that strategy with the best software solution to meet specific business needs. SRK has helped clients choose and implement content management and portal solutions our clients.