Global sourcing is one of the premium services that are offered by us. We are a team that is driven by hard core professionals all focused on meeting the targets of the clients keeping the timelines in mind and providing quality services.SRK is a well known name when it comes to global sourcing as it believes in understanding the demands of the clients and generates results as per there requirement. With the ever-growing global competition it is very important for us to keep our clients happy and satisfied with the services that we offer. RightshoreT is the model which helps SRK in performing for their global clients with complete dedication and genuinety. It helps in reducing the cost and increasing the production for the client. Global sourcing is a methodology which has been adopted by us as it helps in getting a clientele across the globe and it also helps in serving as well as increasing more knowledge for the company staff as they are exposed to different work culture and can induce the learnt techniques to get more effective results generated for the clients. It also helps the clients as they can choose from different global sourcing services that are offered by us. We primarily keep a track of the services quality and also manage to deliver excellent end solutions to the clients through our services.SRK is a committed company which serves the clients with all the possible innovative solutions that can be in their favor. The global sourcing services include: